“Why Turkish Airlines will be seen more often throughout the world

Turkish Airlines has announced that it will introduce a new flight route from Melbourne to Istanbul via Singapore, starting from March 15, 2024. The flights will be initially operated by Boeing 787-9 airplanes, and will run three times a week until April. From April onwards, the flights will be operated by Airbus A350-900 planes. Passengers will need to disembark the plane during a short stopover in Singapore before reboarding for the subsequent flight to Istanbul. This new route will significantly impact air travel between Australia, Singapore, and Europe.

It is noteworthy that Turkish Airlines’ profitable fifth freedom rights, which allow them to operate routes between countries other than their home base in Turkey, have been included in the agreement with the Australian government. This could lead to increased competition, and potentially lower fares, between Australia and Singapore.

Turkish Airlines has expressed its ambition to become the largest airline in the world and has announced plans to purchase more than 200 Airbus aircraft over the next ten years, with an option to buy over 100 more. This statement is a clear indication of the airline’s high aspirations.


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