Review of aircraft turnaround procedures and the modeling thereof.

Airlines’ success heavily relies on an efficient aircraft turnaround during ground operations. This is particularly important for short- and regional-haul flights. As passenger traffic is expected to increase in the coming years, improving ground operations for process dependability and passenger comfort is crucial. This review provides an overview of aircraft ground operations, focusing on passenger and aircraft turnaround procedures. It also highlights important issues that aircraft operators face, such as limited airport capacity, scheduling delays, and rising costs. Possible ways to enhance the process are identified by surveying the conceptual work and research done in this area.

Various methods have been discovered to enhance processes after conducting a survey and research in this field. Promising approaches include reducing apron traffic and parallelizing taxiing and passenger activities. One way to expedite the cabin boarding process is to use various boarding techniques and create unique cabin layouts that prioritize the aisle, entrance, and seat. Current modeling and simulation frameworks comprehensively assess the most advanced concepts, identifying the advantages and disadvantages for all parties concerned. These frameworks are essential in conducting a thorough assessment early in the preliminary aircraft design process.