Korean Air and Airbus have joined hands to go shopping together.

Korean Air and Airbus are currently in talks to purchase 33 aircraft from the A350 family for a total of US$13.7 billion. The order will consist of 27 A350-1000s and 6 A350-900s.

This acquisition is part of Korean Air’s plans to upgrade its existing fleet, as older aircraft are gradually phased out. The environmentally-friendly and advanced technology of the A350 aircraft aligns with the airline’s commitment to sustainability, and will also aid in the integration of Asiana Airlines.

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The A350-1000 is the largest aircraft in its series and can typically carry 350-410 passengers across three classes. It utilizes advanced composite materials to achieve up to 25% fuel savings and reduced carbon emissions compared to prior generations of aircraft.

Notably, the A350-1000 boasts the longest flight range of any passenger aircraft currently in operation, with a maximum payload range of 16,000 kilometers.

The A350-900, slightly smaller than the A350-1000 at seven meters shorter, can accommodate 300-350 passengers across three classes. It is commonly used for long-haul flights such as Seoul Incheon-New York, with two daily flights currently in operation. The aircraft has a range of 15,370 km.

Korean Air plans to reduce carbon emissions by upgrading its fleet with 10 Boeing 787-9s, 20 Boeing 787-10s, 30 Boeing 737-8s, and 50 Airbus A321neos while implementing sustainable practices.

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